Moção da FEMS sobre os médicos de família portugueses

Partilhamos a moção da Federação Europeia de Médicos Assalariados sobre as declarações do Ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior sobre a especialização de médicos de Medicina Geral e Familiar:

FEMS (European Federation of Salaried Doctors) became aware of the position taken by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal, stating that the training of doctors specialized in General and Family Medicine should be less demanding than in other medical specialties. He went even further by declaring that a specialist in Family Medicine does not need to have the same level or the same training period as other specialists.

This statement is especially serious at a time when medicine and scientific development have evolved at a level never seen before, shows lack of respect and knowledge of what the specialty of Family Medicine requires nowadays and may jeopardize patient safety and quality of care.

The FEMS General Assembly, representing European doctors trade unions and medical associations, meeting in Dubrovnik on September 24, 2021, reaffirms the importance of the quality of medical training in all European countries and deeply regrets the Portuguese minister's statement which, if put into practice, would represent a huge step backwards in doctors’ qualifications, consequently in the quality of medicine. Portuguese citizens, like all European citizens, deserve the highest level of health care provided by highly qualified doctors.

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